Making a house a home…

In our various adventures, I have set out to do just that…make a house a home.  No matter where it is or how long we will live there, I desire to make it as comfortable and “homey” as possible.  I have failed in this department.  I have gotten sidetracked by my desires to live in my own space.  It doesn’t help that our leases have been for three and six months.  By the time we have gotten good and settled, it is time to pack up again.  I’m tired of moving.  I’m tired of unpacking and packing boxes.

I’m having an overwhelming desire to knock down a wall or put up some moulding or paint the kitchen cabinets – none of which I can do while living in someone else’s home.

Don’t mind me, I’ve having my own little pity party.

I feel better now.

We are searching for our next (and hopefully, final) home.  I LOVE looking at houses online.  I REALLY love driving all over God’s creation seeing homes in person.  I immediately see the potential, or lack thereof, in each home I see.  Hot pink walls with light blue trim?  No problem.  I envision what it would look like with board and batten trim and crown moulding and the furniture just so.  1980’s oak kitchen cabinets?  Can’t you just see them painted the creamiest soft gray and white.  I know my fellow DIYers out there get what I’m sayin’.

I think I’m just feeling down and funky because everyone in my little family has had a sickness of some kind in the last couple of weeks.  We’ve been cooped up, stuffed up, coughed up, curled up, and spit up (on).  We’re not quite out of the woods, but are on the mend for sure.

One thing that always makes a house a home is making sure the heart of the home – the kitchen – is in full working order.  The rental we are in now has a smaller kitchen than I had in my first little two-bedroom apartment.  There is one drawer, very little counter space, no pantry, and I have to keep most of my pots and pans down in the basement.  However, I have done my best at organizing it and cleaning it up.  We have also done our best to eat at home only, especially for dinner, for the better part of a year now.  I recently signed up with eMeals and I tell you, I LOVE IT!  What a fantastic idea!  I haven’t put pen-to-paper yet, but I know it is saving us money.  And I KNOW it is saving me time.  To us, it has been well worth the cost of subscription.  Check them out:

eMeals - Dinner Done

So, I will continue striving to make our house “homey” and more us (even with its weird yellow-y, kinda beige walls; yuck).  I do have some things in mind to help with that.  Here is my short list that I’ve just thought of while typing this:

  • Start doing our Table Talkers again
  • Reinstate a set night for Family Game Night
  • Bake from scratch more
  • Find a new lamp and side table/stand for the boy’s room so they can read at night
  • Start using my homemade cleaning products again
  • Finish sewing dining room chair covers
  • Make a duvet cover for our bed

I’m sure there are many more things I will think of as we get into the groove of things again.

So, tell me, what things or traditions make your house a home?


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