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More {Pin}spiration…

Today, I’m going to post inspiration pics for the kitchen.  The heart of the home, where so much time is spent.  Some days I feel like a short-order cook.  I’d like for the entire kitchen floor to be made out of that soft cushion mat.  However, one of the best ways for me to show my family how much I love then is to provide healthy (most of the time), hearty meals.

There are currently darker wood cabinets in the home we have a contract on.  I have fallen for the light, bright, airy spaces that are plastered all over the web, but when I try to envision my family living there, I’m not sure it will work.

This kitchen of Edie’s, while still light and bright, feels super homey and lived-in.  She has a new kitchen now, which is equally as fabulous, but I keep coming back to this one when I think of kitchens.  Selling Hubby on the Woodlawn Charm cabinets?  That could be a little tricky.

I really like the dark wood floors with these slate lower cabinets.

Again, I love the dark wood floors with the white cabinets.  Butcher block counters, chandelier, blue walls, crown moulding, farmhouse sink, dark hardware.  What’s not to love!

Love these pendants!

These upper cabinets are backed with windows looking out onto the yard.  How cool is that?



This kitchen is one of my all time favorites.  I first saw it in an issue of Southern Living and I immediately ripped it out for my inspiration binder.  It is so warm even with the white cabinets.  I love the butcher lock on the island.


And for a little humor…


Lettuce Turnip the Beet!  Hahaha!  It cracks me up every time.  Just in case anyone needs a gift idea for me ;).

See ya on the flip side,


Daily {Pin}spiration…

Thought I would share some pictures from Pinterest that I’m getting inspiration from for the new house.

First, for the bathrooms:

I like the way they updated this builder basic mirror.  We’ve added moulding to just the outside edge before, but I like how it looks like three mirrors now.  I also like the texture the bamboo shade adds.

In the home we are buying, the master bath has a long vanity with only one sink and an open area like the picture above.  I like the way the knobs contrast with the dark wood.  I LOVE the marble counter tops.  What I really like is the flooring.  You have to look closely, but a strip of mosaic tiles were inserted between the larger tiles.  It adds a nice texture without looking too busy.

I LOVE the color of this vanity!  The designer did not disclose the color, but I would like to try to find something similar.  I’m still not over my love of stripes and these shower curtains are scrumptious.  I have been seeing a lot of pics with the double shower curtains like this.  However, I don’t know how well it would work out with kids and a gap in the curtains when they’re pulled together.  Maybe a double rod with a liner that will push to one side and the outside curtains just for show?  Subway tile…always a favorite.

With so many doors in one space, some direction is always welcome.  Maybe I can find one of these antique bathroom signs at a local flea market or antiques store.

How darling are these colors together?  And using a quilt rack as a towel holder…genius.  Quirky, fun, youthful.  This mirror from IKEA would provide a similar effect.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be back soon with more {pin}spiration.

Moving (again)…

Have I mentioned how tired I am of packing-unpacking-repacking?  Well, I’m very tired of it.  BUT, I am super excited to move for what we hope is the final time.  We have a contract on a home in Georgia.  “But don’t you live in Tennessee?” you ask.  We do currently live in TN, but Hubby got a job in GA that he is super-stoked about.

I’ve been looking at houses online in the area for months.  We didn’t want to get serious about looking until we were sure about the job.  We would find some online and then drive by them when we visited the area.  We ruled out a lot by doing that.  Man, the realtors really know what they’re doing.  We would drive up to a house and say, “Are you sure this is the same house that we saw online?”  Once Hubby was offered the job, we knew we needed to find a realtor.  Our wonderful realtor in Colorado, Rick, referred us to a lovely agent in GA, and on our first day of looking at houses with her (because we had ruled out so many by driving by) we found it, THE ONE!  We went back and forth on the price a little, but finally came to an agreement and now we have a contract.  We still haven’t closed yet, so I don’t want to get into too many details.

Here’s a sneak peek:

I can’t wait to show you more!  We have big plans in store for this house.

I’m still here…

This is a lame excuse, but I haven’t posted in so long because I feel like a need pictures in my post.  My computer still doesn’t “recognize” by big camera, but I found my small Canon the other day.  So, I promise to do better with posts and I’ll leave you with this beauty (someone got into the lotion without permission):