Before and Afters: Prairie Rose

Originally, I was going to keep a personal blog for family and friends, and then a separate blog for house and decor stuff.  I decided that I better get really good at one before trying two.  This was a post that I had posted on that blog.  I named it Gypsy Cottage because I thought that suited us and the way we are living.  However, with the peace I feel over finding this new home and Hubby’s new job, I don’t want to be a gypsy anymore.  So, I’m just gonna post everything right here for everyone to see.


Originally posted March 24, 2012 on Gypsy Cottage

I promised some B&A’s so here we go.  Nothing too fancy except some paint, tile and crown moulding.  That doesn’t include finishing the basement.  Please keep in mind that I did not take these pictures with the intent to share with the world.  I will do better from now on, I promise.  We are selling this house and I thought I would leave the new homeowner pictures of what it looked like when we bought it.  A small scrapbook that includes the pics I am going to post here.  Does that sound corny?  I would love to have something like that, especially if it was an older house.  I will probably do it anyway.  I’ll never know if they thought it was corny or not.  What do you think?

P.S. I realized as I was going through my pictures of the house that I really did not do a good job of taking “after” pics.  For some of them, I ended up using the ones from when we put the house on the market.  Keep in mind that a lot of “fluff” had been removed to de-personalize.

Original kitchen
Kitchen – added backsplash and under cabinet lighting
dining room/kitchen
painted hallway – BM Stone House. Although I love this color, in this house and with the lighting it became too yellow-y.  I ended up repainting it Valspar Ivory Brown.
fireplace wall – wall color BM Atmospheric
replacing tile surround
Fireplace after we added mosaic tile to the surround and shelves for tv and components

Painted BM Atmospheric in living room and (at this point) hallway is Valspar Ivory Brown

In the master bath we painted BM Carolina Gull and added trim around the mirror
Master Bedroom
Master bedroom
kids rooms
Baby A’s room
Boy’s room.  This was a bunk bed, but we separated it for showings.


This was our homeschool area of the basement.  It was great having a dedicated area to school at.

Things I love about Prairie Rose:

His/hers closets in master


Larger front porch


Big master suite

Dedicated homeschool space

Things I hope to have in next home:

Larger dining space (to seat 10)

Mostly one level living

More property

Larger secondary bedrooms

Less builder “character”

Wrap around porch (one can dream can’t she?)


I haven’t looked at this list since I wrote it the first time, but the cool thing is that the home we are buying has mostly everything on both lists…yay!


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