Sewing stash…

So, I have this stash of fabric:


Trust me, this isn’t my entire stash.  I just went through and picked things that would work for Baby A.

I also have these patterns:


My Oliver+S patterns top out at size 3 or 4.  Since Baby A turned 2 in December, I thought I should get busy so those patterns don’t go to waste.  I have made a few things from Oliver+S before and think the patterns are very easy to use.

My sewing To Do list:

Cousin’s wedding/Easter dress with The Audrey Cape (still trying to figure out the pattern.  My cousin is getting married Easter weekend so I thought I could get a two-for-one.) – Here’s what I ended up making

Oliver+S Ice Cream dress

Oliver+S Picnic Blouse and Shorts with ruffles (see this modification)

Tee for Two shirt with fabric flower and Heidi & Finn Pleat Bottom Pants

Shwin&Shwin Black Bird Tunic with TBD bottom – probably some ruched leggings

Oliver+S Sailboat Top and Pants

Oliver+S 2 + 2 Short Sleeve Blouse and Skirt

Simplicity 2231 with banded bottom

Oliver+S Playdate Dress

jammies for all 3 kids 

Twill pants for boys

It seems like a long list, but I am trying to allot time each day for sewing.  There are ‘sew’ many cute things out there and patterns to try!  Hehe – excuse the poor craft humor.  This makes me think of something I saw on Pinterest.  I want to print it and hang it up near my sewing station:

make beautiful things

Have a great day!



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