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Family traditions, hard work, and a birthday…

My heart is so full with love and happiness and peace right now.  My parents left this morning after spending a long weekend with us and lately it seems that every time they leave, I find myself saying, “This was one of the best visits ever!”
My parents are pretty chill people.  They do not have to be “entertained” when they visit and are just as content sitting at home hanging out as they are spending each day doing something outside of the house.  However, this was one of the busiest visits we’ve had in a long time.
It started a few weeks ago when I finally decided that I was ready to start my garden.  I’ve been talking about it since we moved in almost a year ago.  My dad owns a tiller that my Grandpa gave him (RIP Grandpa, I miss you and love you).  My parents live 6-7 hours from us and would need to pull their trailer to bring it on.  I felt it was a lot to ask, but my dad said it was no problem.  It was an added bonus that this was the weekend we were getting some lawn equipment from a family member and needed to use the trailer to drive to South Carolina.
We had some tire issues on the trailer, but were able to travel to South Carolina on Friday.  We were going there to pick up a riding lawn mower, among other things.  Our boys are very excited about this as they’ve been mowing an acre and a half with a push mower. My mom, my mother-in-law, Addie, and I made the trip.  It was a beautiful day and everything went very well.  And we had some pretty fun girl time!
_MG_9897 copy
On Saturday, the work began.  I don’t know what kind of soil you have to deal with where you live, but we have good ole’ red Georgia clay here.  It took (and is taking) a lot of work to get the ground tilled up.  Hubby worked on it the longest, but I did enough that I was sore the next couple of days.  After we had worked it most of the day, I knelt down and ran the dirt through my hands.  In that moment, I had a flash of memories: sitting on my Grandpa’s knee riding the tractor; the rows and rows of potatoes planted between our house and my grandparents; sitting on the old swing with buckets of peas that had to be shelled; that first trip around the field on the tractor by myself; the shelves and deep freezer filled with the family’s hard work.  This country life – this farming thing – it’s in my blood.
But this I say, he which soweth sparingly shall also reap sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall also reap bountifully.
– 2 Corinthians 9:6
After a long days work on my grandparents small farm, a rest was often taken on their front porch.  For as long as I can remember, they had the same furniture set on that porch.  After all, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”  It’s odd, isn’t it?  The memories that a gesture, a song, a phrase, or, in this case, a piece of furniture can hold.  I am very blessed to say I have been given the porch set that was used in so many hours of rest and reflection.  Even though it is in need of a little TLC, it will have a prime spot on our front porch as well.
We ended our visit with a small birthday celebration for my dad.  His birthday is not until next week, but we wanted to be able to have some cake and sing Happy Birthday.
We bought him a book that he wanted and put it in a gift bag with some colorful tissue paper.  Addie couldn’t stand having an unopened present, so she begged and begged for Papa to go ahead and open it.  The look on her face was priceless when she saw it was a book.  She looked at the book and then grabbed the bag and looked in it checking for something else.  I said, “We got Papa a book for his birthday.  Isn’t that cool?”  This was her expression:


Although she tried to look happy about it, she seemed a little confused and disappointed that all Papa got was a book!
I can’t wait to get our small farm going and growing in the years to come.  After getting the garden plot started, we plan on building a chicken coop and buying some chicks.  I will share the details as they happen!



All creatures great and small…

All things bright and beautiful,


All creatures great and small,


All things wise and wonderful:


The Lord God made them all.


Enjoying the peace and quiet at Whitley Acres today.  So much to watch and admire on this beautiful Fall day.


“Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.”    
– 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12


Finally fireside…

“Finally fireside”- that is what keeps popping into my head when I think about how much I love our new home.  We have just moved ourselves right in, I tell ya.  It FEELS like I’m home.  You know the feeling…way down in your insides where you get all warm and fuzzy and gain 10 lbs and start wearing yoga pants all day?  Exactly like that.

I thought I’d share some pictures of our new abode with you.  Oh, and if Idosometi weirdlike leaveout spaces orletters, I’m pretty sure a certain little one spilled something on the keyboard so I have to type really hard.

IMG_7401 copy

Yeah, you.

So onto the house.  We love the peace and quiet and are glad to have some space for the kiddos.  And for me too, if I’m being honest.  I loved our neighbors in Colorado, but there’s something to be said about not having to put your dog on a leash every time she needs to go out or not being able to sit on your front porch because your neighbors are outside smoking and your asphyxiating on the smoke.  I have a dedicated 1/4-1/2 acre available for my garden and chicken coop.  The boys can shoot their BB guns (and leave widows in tact).  Hubby can cut down trees and build stuff like a tree fort for the kids.

The house itself was in great condition.  The inside left a lot of room for adding our personality.  It doesn’t need updating necessarily, but it was pretty plain.


IMG_7723 copy

Here’s a picture of the foyer when we were looking at the house:

3House - foyer

Here’s a picture of it in its current state:

IMG_7761 copy

IMG_7763 copy copy

Still a work in progress.  I just used things we had around the house and painted.  I really like the paint color – Merino Wool by Behr.  The trim is BM Dove White.  I made the sign that is hanging above the doorway.  I also painted the inside of our front door a very dark grey.  The insides of our exterior doors always get so darn dirty.  We will eventually replace the flooring to hardwoods, but that will have to wait a little while.

Oh, and we spray painted the light fixture Oil Rubbed Bronze.  That was such an inexpensive fix.  I saw that someone had sprayed their doorknobs as well, but I’m not convinced that would hold up in our house.  If you look closely at the front door knob in the last picture, you will see the teeth marks from our dog.  She was trying to get back IN.  Maybe she’s not enjoying her freedom as much as I am.

More pictures of other rooms to come.  I’ve had some success with selling a few items on Craigslist, so our bedroom project may be complete soon.  Can’t wait to share that with you!

See you on the flip side!