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More {Pin}spiration…

Today, I’m going to post inspiration pics for the kitchen.  The heart of the home, where so much time is spent.  Some days I feel like a short-order cook.  I’d like for the entire kitchen floor to be made out of that soft cushion mat.  However, one of the best ways for me to show my family how much I love then is to provide healthy (most of the time), hearty meals.

There are currently darker wood cabinets in the home we have a contract on.  I have fallen for the light, bright, airy spaces that are plastered all over the web, but when I try to envision my family living there, I’m not sure it will work.

This kitchen of Edie’s, while still light and bright, feels super homey and lived-in.  She has a new kitchen now, which is equally as fabulous, but I keep coming back to this one when I think of kitchens.  Selling Hubby on the Woodlawn Charm cabinets?  That could be a little tricky.

I really like the dark wood floors with these slate lower cabinets.

Again, I love the dark wood floors with the white cabinets.  Butcher block counters, chandelier, blue walls, crown moulding, farmhouse sink, dark hardware.  What’s not to love!

Love these pendants!

These upper cabinets are backed with windows looking out onto the yard.  How cool is that?



This kitchen is one of my all time favorites.  I first saw it in an issue of Southern Living and I immediately ripped it out for my inspiration binder.  It is so warm even with the white cabinets.  I love the butcher lock on the island.


And for a little humor…


Lettuce Turnip the Beet!  Hahaha!  It cracks me up every time.  Just in case anyone needs a gift idea for me ;).

See ya on the flip side,