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A new fave and some info…

On a recent search for natural remedies, I came across a lovely blog by a lovely girl.  Lindsay Leigh Bentley is full of wonderful information about living naturally using real food, natural remedies and living simply.  I have found a great amount of inspiration from her in the days since stumbling upon her blog.

However, it was THIS post  that really got my blood pumping (be sure to read the first comment and response).  Through the entire thing I kept finding myself say, “Exactly.  Exactly.”  Then, I got to the end about how there is a possible cure for TYPE 1 Diabetes using a common vaccine, but the drug companies weren’t interested in producing it due to there not being enough monetary gain.

Are you kidding me?

There are a number of things wrong with this country as it is in its current state.  Many of those things can be fixed by its citizens.  You don’t like the chemicals used in our food…stop buying the crap.  Don’t like what’s wrong with the economy, start the change at home with the way YOU are spending YOUR money.  Try following the teachings of Dave Ramsey in that department.  You don’t like the attitude of today’s youth, make sure you teach your own children manners, responsibility, respect for others and compassion – don’t try to leave them in the care of electronic babysitters all the time.  Make eye contact, tell them you love them and spend some quality time with them.  Quality time doesn’t include everyone sitting in the same room, but each person looking down at their cell phone, iPad, or laptop.

Whew!  Sorry for getting on a soapbox for a moment.  It’s just that I’m a no-nonsense kind of girl.  If something’s broken, there is usually a simple way of fixing it.

Just take some time to go check out Lindsay’s blog.  She is passionate about what she writes and how she lives.  She is informative if you ask a question and she also has a very Godly heart.