Chocolate Week???

Have I not been paying attention in recent years?  I just learned today that the third week in March is National Chocolate Week.

The kids and I are very excited about this, I must say.

Now we just have to think of ways to celebrate – every single day.  We like things dipped in chocolate.  Strawberries, Ritz crackers with peanut butter in the middle, marshmallows.  However, I want to try less conventional recipes for using chocolate.  I just came across this recipe for Cincinnati Style Chili that uses some chocolate.  Interesting, but I think I will definitely make it.

Check out this all this deliciousness:


Chocolate Buttermilk Donuts with Salted Caramel Sauce



Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies


sandwiches chocolate

Panini al cioccolato

And while I was searching for chocolate, I found this:

So cute…

I hope you have a wonderful National Chocolate Week!



Pushups Challenge…

I’m joining Elina over at Homeschooling Hearts for her Pushups Challenge.  We have already begun, but it’s not too late to join us!

I was showing my boys the calendar and they said they want to try it with me.

Here’s a calendar that Elina made:


So…are you in?


I just want to…

just want to make beautiful things

The Geranium Dress lured me in…

Have you seen the Geranium Dress over at Made By Rae?  I was looking for a pattern with pockets because my little one LOVES the pockets.  I had heard about this dress by many a sewing blogger, so I dove in and bought the pattern.

Let me just say Rae does not disappoint!  The pattern is super easy to follow and the fact that I only had to print out the pages with the sizes that I needed…perfect.


For my little one, I went with the size 3 bodice and size 2 skirt.  I used a fancier fabric because the dress is for my cousin’s wedding at the end of the month.  The pattern calls for the bodice to be lined, but because of the occasion,  I lined the skirt as well.  I am in the process of adding a ruffle to the lining to make the dress a little fuller.

I decided to make a little belt that Baby A can wear with it.  I just made a simple one using grosgrain ribbon and a snap.



I used covered buttons and snaps for the back closure.  My sewing machine is getting serviced right now, so I had to sew the belt by hand.  I haven’t done anything by hand in so long and I could tell that I needed to practice more.


Here’s a picture of the lining with the ruffle pinned into place.  I discovered that I don’t really care for working with silky fabrics.  It’s pretty and it feels nice, but what a pain!



Oliver+S Ice Cream blouse…

I couldn’t wait to get started on my sewing projects after talking about them in the previous post.  The first thing I decided to make was from the Oliver+S Ice Cream Dress pattern.



I wanted a quick fix to my sewing needs, so I made the blouse option (view C).  It turned out pretty well, although there will be things I pay more attention to the next time around.  Not to mention, I started working on it at 5:30am when I didn’t go to bed until 1:30am.  I have heard other people mention that they can’t sew at night because of making mistakes.  Clearly, that holds true to me as well, except early in the morning.

Here is Baby A modeling her new blouse:



This is her “Cheese so hard it hurts” face that I have been getting in a lot of pictures.

It fits her pretty well, but, well you see, my girl is a little beefy in the chest and arms area.  I went with the size 2T and will have to make small adjustments next time for under the arms and chest.  I may just go ahead and make a 3T and see how that works out.  As always, I love this Oliver+S pattern.  I see many variations on this to come in the future.